2016 Summer Term - starts May 2nd


Taiji Class Membership (8 weeks) £56 + £2 per class


Taiji & Kung Fu Membership (8 weeks) £92 + 2 per class


Edinburgh Kung Fu / Meditation Drop-in £8.50/£6.50 members*




 *please note that it is not possible to drop in to Taiji classes




There are a limited number of spaces available for full-time students, contact Rachael for availability and adjusted membership prices


Low Income

Each class has a space available open to those who would otherwise not be able to attend due to financial circumstances. To find out if this space is available/to apply please contact Rachael


Membership includes reduced rates on scrolls and artwork from China, workshops and talks and access to articles and training clothing/shoes.




18 Feb 2019


March and Sept Taiji workshops - see here


1 Jan 2019


New term starts Jan 8th with Taiji in Edinburgh!


20 Nov 2018


Full day retreat on 3rd Feb, see here for details


1 Nov 2018


New Class beginning Tues 20th November! Details here



Sept 2017


Two classes a week running until mid-Oct, private sessions also available


20 April 2017


Classes on break for the summer starting May 12th


11 Jan 2017


Chinese New Year Workshop on Sat 4th Feb


24 Nov 2016


Kidney Workshop on December 11th - all welcome!