Welcome to The Soen Ren School of Spiritual Arts

Eastern Exercise and Spiritual Arts


The Soen Ren School teaches traditional eastern forms of both exercise and spiritual practice, including chinese practices and martial arts; taiji (tai chi), qi gong (chi kung), kung fu, along with meditation and yoga.


At the root of these practices is the intention to build strength and flexibility in the body, stability in the mind, and sincerity in spirit. 


Teaching is based in central Edinburgh and East Lothian, UK.

All articles, photographs and videos are the property of Soen Ren and are not to be reproduced without permission. Thanks.


25 April


New term starts May 2nd....spaces in Taiji for Beginners and Kung Fu Basics!


22 Feb


School Open Day on March 20th!!! All welcome...performances, food and stalls!


1 Jan 2016


New term starts next week...timetable up and spaces in Beginners Taiji and 8 weeks Qi Gong!!


19 July


Summer workshops timetable up


9 July


Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong this weekend and new Soen Ren Circle open to students


24 May


Summer workshop and weekend class timetable now up


1 April


School Open Day on Sunday 17th May!


1 March


New term starts March 16th


4 Feb


Booking now open for workshops and new term of classes


29 Jan


Master Yuan Classes beginning now!


7 Oct

Special Dragon Sword Class with visiting teacher Ben Conway, see here


11 Sept


New blog entries from China...and new term begins Sept 22nd


10 Aug


New article...Life as a Circle


11 Mar 2014


Video from the 'Faith in Women' panel celebrating Inernational Women's Day!