A Meaning of Life

Dec 2014

Life as a Circle

Aug 2014


Offerings: Maintaining the Balance

Sept 2013


Attachment to Practice

July 2013


Women In Religion

March 2013


Body Language: When Health Comes from Inside

Feb 2012


Body Language: Points of Practice

Feb 2012


How to Deal with Stress

See 'Yoga Magazine' Sept 2011 Issue


Ten Lessons from a Master

Feb 2011


Living and Growing

Oct 2010 


Women, Water and the Way

June 2010 


On How Yoga Works

Sept 2010


Yoga and Anxiety

May 2009 


On the Hatha Pradipika

Dec 2008 



25th January 2020


Chinese New Year Workshop...welcome the Year of the Rat!



18 Feb 2019


March and Sept Taiji workshops - see here


1 Jan 2019


New term starts Jan 8th with Taiji in Edinburgh!


20 Nov 2018


Full day retreat on 3rd Feb, see here for details


1 Nov 2018


New Class beginning Tues 20th November! Details here



Sept 2017


Two classes a week running until mid-Oct, private sessions also available


20 April 2017


Classes on break for the summer starting May 12th


11 Jan 2017


Chinese New Year Workshop on Sat 4th Feb


24 Nov 2016


Kidney Workshop on December 11th - all welcome!