A Meaning of Life

The way meaning enters our lives is simple. Belief in something outside oneself, and the integration of that within. That is all. In the times before religion this was understood and lived and practiced. Religion then sought to instill this into civilization but in doing so lost the secret. Awareness of the divine, of god, of the spirits and the universal is the beginning, the opening, the key to the door. This is half of the way. Treasuring it as a feeling throughout the body, in the growth and change of the whole person, that is the rest.


Our relationship to the divine is a journey. Lifelong pilgrimage, a spiritual and sacred path; one we have often known, just as often forgot. In returning to it a great peace arises, for it is in our true nature. It is the meaning of life. Cultivation of the heart, calming of the mind, understanding that which is within and with out. Sometimes suffering, sometimes enjoying, sometimes desiring, but always living, always listening to the tune beneath the ten thousand beating hearts, to the one that beats deepest, the place in which all life is held.


A life of meaning requires both the external and the internal, that is the sacred rule. We are partners in the game of life. Without integrating both we are starved; constantly looking inward with nothing to feed us and constantly looking outside with no offering to give. Balance this duality and the joy arises; open, boundless, endlessly feeding the soul, continually feeding the body. It is the definition of health. And ours to take, if we will.


R Dunsmore

6 Dec 2014


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