Autumn 2013

And so after a fairly exhilarating and exhausting voyage here I am at last in Wudang, happy be on Chinese soil.


However it seems hiking at altitude and ten-hour flights and train rides were no preparation for this morning's class, which began with 45 minutes of standing meditation. Halfway through our coach, Xiao Yun, had literally not moved a muscle and my body began to get seriously agitated; it became pretty tortuous from then on. Of course at that point Master Yuan appears out of nowhere and declares my "standing posture wrong"; makes a few adjustments that mean every muscle is now excruciating and stands near enough that I cannot get away with moving. By the end of around 35 minutes when he disappears I give in. Luckily after a rest the last ten minutes was not so bad, but we were all in awe of Xiao Yun, who literally had not even shifted slightly the whole time and looked as if he could go on standing forever. Oh to be that soft.


So that was morning class. Afternoon was frog jumps and splits. Watching an eight-year-old chinese student jumping happily up and down the corridor while I struggled to get both my feet to leave the floor at the same time was more than upsetting. Adult bodies are so cumbersome, But the whole thing was made worth it when one of the kids offered to do my last round of jumps for me, because I looked "so very very tired". It was a sweet offer, but he probably would have got in trouble so I cheated my way there and back by duck-walking.


Its good to be back.






June 2023


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