Spring I


Today was one of those days that makes it seem entirely worth it.


This was despite the fact that on waking I felt like an old lady; joints and muscles sore, head heavy, shuffling around at 5.30am trying to make a cup of tea in the half-light. However by 11am and four and a half hours of practice I was incredibly hungry, and very much enjoyed my boiled egg and noodles with peanut sauce before a welcome nap. In the afternoon session my coach decided I needed to work on snake form, and after drilling me twice chose the weakest section and gave strict instructions to practice one particular movement 40 times. It is moments like these that the true power of kung fu, or any similar practice, show themselves. It felt beyond frustrating to have to do the same thing over and over, especially when "i couldn't do it" to begin with, the movement is "too hard", my "body is too stiff" etc.


By number 25 I was feeling pretty angry, mostly at myself for continually losing my balance at the same point and having a "stupid body". At 30 I took a long break and tried to keep breathing. By 35 I realised that if I stopped cutting the movement short by thinking about it so much it actually wasn't so hard. At number 40 I did it to a vague sense satisfaction. Then at 41 went for some fresh pineapple on wobbly legs.


Practice works, and our minds often hold us back from our true potential. That is what I learned today, or re-learned for what seems like the hundredth time. Luckily there are also kittens to make it worth the hard work.



post-training cat therapy
post-training cat therapy


May 2024


Yin Yang Yoga this Sunday 11th May!


Jan 2024


Yin Yang workshop on Jan 21st!


Oct 2023


New evening class starting in Ardrisaig and Spring Retreat dates released!


July 2023


Weekend Workshop in East Lothian! 2/3rd Sept


Over 50s Taiji & Qi Gong starting in Lochgilphead Aug 7th


June 2023


Qi Gong Workshop in Ardfern. 2nd July 10am - 4pm


Lochgilphead Taiji for Over-50s starts Aug 3rd


May 2023


Lochgilphead weekly class starting July, date tbc


April 2023


Weekly online classes starting on April 7th